My Research Focus – I Think

I would like to research how access to technology in the classroom changes people’s traditions, values, communities, and how they live which when combined I call culture.


7 responses to “My Research Focus – I Think

  1. How about taking “in the classroom” out since education happens both in and out of school

  2. mitchel townsend

    Has their been other parellel studies that address this issue in historical context?

    What does technology mean?

    Who decides if change was natural or introduced?

  3. Greg,
    It has been nice to watch the evolution of the development of your topic.

    Might you want to include the location for this study in your statement?


  4. Are you considering “access” only or also how the technology is used?

  5. perhaps taking out “classroom” since education is occurring inside and outside of school

  6. Peter Holowka

    How would you isolate technology as a variable of change?

  7. Hi, Greg:
    Perhaps refining (or using different terms) ‘change’, ‘technology’ and content, and ‘culture’ will help.


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