Rabbits and Technology

Okay, I tend not to think in pictures…I prefer metaphors (or in this case similies).

I was walking through the campus yesterday and I caught another sight of those huge rabbits that live on campus. At the time I was thinking about how a lot of people had been feeling intimidated with the course work and the concepts that have been presented this past week.  Seeing the rabbits at that moment made me connect the two and I suddenly realized that the rabbits (to me anyway) represented the content that that had been presented to me during the last week.

Back home I have used technology and I have worked in a classroom and I had even worked with technology in a classroom. I thought I had good ideas about what I needed to know about technology in the classroom, especially in my context. However I come here and in the last week all these new ideas and pconcepts have been presented to me, ideas that are bigger, fatter and hairier then anything I would have contemplated before concerning technology in the classroom.

Now to the rabbits. Back home we have rabbits. But they are tiny, skinny rabbits. For six months of the year there is snow on the ground, we don’t get a chinook in February so the rabbits have to learn to exist on a very lean diet. When I came here and saw the rabbits they were twice the size. I actually couldn’t believe I was looking at rabbits. The size of the rabbits forced my to redesign in my head my concept of rabbits. But I now I have a better defintion of rabbits in my head and I’m not taken aback when I see these small kangaroos jumping across campus.

For technology, it will take a little longer, it will take a lot of reading, discussion and contemplation, but eventaully I will develop a bigger, better and much more robust understanding of education technology, but I will be a better educator for it and I won’t believe that at one point point I considered it such a big fat hairy deal.


One response to “Rabbits and Technology

  1. Thank you for this. I was getting used to the big hairy Calgary Hare as being the norm for ‘rabbit’. We always need to remind ourselves of the rich diversity that exists out there in our world.

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