Random Sunday Night Thoughts

Okay, it’s been a week. How come I haven’t changed the world yet?

I must say that I have a much better appreciation for the breadth educational technology than I did two weeks ago.

As much fun as I had the past week, Disney World the week before was still better.

It’s going to be interesting to see how I juggle all my other responsibilities with course work when I go home.

I’ve had lots of fun finding time with different classmates to just sit and talk and get to know them better.

My daughter can’t wait ’til I get home so I can tickle and kiss her.

Calgary seems a lot bigger north to south than east to west.

Not only am I learning about strategies for using technology, I am finding lots of new technologies to use with my students.

You MUST read this link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/19/opinion/19friedman.html?_r=1&em

I’m kinda’ upset that I didn’t get to watch one minute of this year’s British Open.

I guess I have to get used to sacrifices of all kinds.

I find it interesting how almost everyone I have talked to this week has expressed some doubt in their ability.

It makes me wonder what my students are really thinking in the classroom when I give them different assignments.

For not reason at all: A grasshopper hops into a bar and onto a stool. The bartender comes over and says “You know we got a drink named for you here.” And the grasshopper says “Really!? You have a drink named Steve?”

I am looking forward to the excitment of this next week.

I am really excited about the next four years.


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