Modified Research Question

Okay…Ihave been thinking about the feedback from my last research question and have incorporated these ideas with some of the terms that I have come across in the readings. From these merged ideas I have developed 3 different potential research questions and would be interested in what my peers think of them.

1. This paper will examine how students’ utilization of educational technology develops their social education by altering their understanding of community and society.

2. This paper will examine whether individuals’ utilization of educational technology alters their social education by modifying their values and beliefs.

3. This paper will examine whether utilization of educationla technology in a faciliatated learning environment alters participants’ values and beliefs.

Thanks for the extra feedback.


2 responses to “Modified Research Question

  1. Greg- I’m leaning towards #3 but am getting hung up on the word ‘alters’.

    Have you considered:

  2. Peter Holowka

    Peter typing on behalf of Nancy, Awil, and Greg

    What is your lense? What’s your philosophy?

    Looking at music, it overlaps with culture. Narrow down medium with regards to culture.

    Facebook, social networking. What are meanings of culture in such environments.

    What is the context of your social expression and measurement? Is it face-to-face? Is it online cultural expression?

    Advice? It’s always better to say more about less.

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