What has been happening

There has been an upheaval to Caramat Teacher’s life since I last wrote. That is part of the reason for the delay.

To wit: I am no longer Caramat Teacher! <Gasp!> I am now the IEC Data Management Coordinator.

This simple fact has changed a lot of everything. The family is no longer isolated in Northern Ontario. Instead it finds itself living in balmy (no snow in October!) London, ON.

The kids are no longer the only students in their school. They are now in a regular school with one grade in each classroom.

We are able to attend movies, go swimming, go shopping, visit real libraries and most important…go to Chapters! when we want to.

I am going to make it a habit to blog on a weekly basis. After reading my entries from the summer I have realized how important it is to put my thoughts onto a webpage. There were many ideas from three months ago that I had forgotten that were semi-important.

I had an idea this week for what to work on for a dissertation. Allow classes of first nation students the opportunity to develop adventures within the maze’s holodecks. The adventures will be curriculum based but examining what it means to be a first nation student in a non first nation world. I am thinking Papert, Freire, and Dewey will be the major theorists that I will use. Comments?


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